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Sri Azhwan is remembered by generations of Sri Vaishnavaas with gratitude because he gave his darshana (eyes) for the sake of darshana (Sri Ramanuja's Philosophy).

Sri Koorathazhwan of such a glory will be completing the 1000th year of his advent in this world in the month of January in 2010 (i.e., in the Tamil Year "Virodhi" in the month of "Thai") under the asterism of "Hastha". All of us have now obtained a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this great event in a very grand manner. Accordingly, plans are being drawn to conduct various programmes through the charitable trust mentioned above, with the following agenda:

  1. Release of a Book bringing out the glory of Sri Koorathazhwan, in several languages.

  2. Release of a publication containing the Panchastavam of Sri Koorathazhwan along with commentary.

  3. Release of the work "Kooresa Vimsati" composed on Sri Koorathazhwan, and also the "Kooranaatha Panchaasat" with original texts and their commentaries.

  4. Release of the book containing the Aitihyams (Anecdotes) about Sri Koorathazhwan.

  5. Release of MP3 CD containing the method of chanting Panchastavam.

  6. Release of MP3 CD containing the method of teaching Panchastavam for committing it to memory.

  7. Release of MP3 CDs containing discourses on Panchastavam.

  8. Presenting the glories of Sri Koorathazhwan in the form of a documentary.

  9. Conducting Vidvat Sadas.

  10. Publishing articles etc., on Sri Koorathazhwan's glory through press media.

  11. Arrangements for conducting the Celebrations in 2010 in a befitting manner.

  12. Arranging for an exhibition centring upon the glory of Sri Koorathazhwan.

  13. Instituting Endowments for conducting daily worship of Sri Koorathazhwan (at Kooram) in future, without break.

Let all of us associate ourself with these grand celebrations, provide financial assistance to the best of their ability and be the recipients of Sri Koorathazhwan's grace in abundance!

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